About Us

Department of Technology
227 W. Judd Street
Woodstock, IL 60098

Phone:  815-337-2155
Fax:  815-338-8053

Jerry Swedberg, Director of Technology 

The Department of Technology provides training, support, and assistance with planning, purchasing, using, and maintaining educational technology services, supplies and equipment. Our goal is to provide students, teachers and administrators with access to the best educational technology resources possible.

Our Staff   

The Technology Department relies upon the collaboration and efforts of many District 200 staff. The Technology Team consists of the following professionals...   

  • District Software Specialist – Brian Watkins (Lawson)
  • District Network Specialist –  Lynnette Sawyer
  • District Help Desk – Dan Sauber
  • District Technology Support Technician – Tracy Cubert
  • District Technology Support Techniciann - John Hunt
  • District Technology Support Technician - Sean Hunt
  • District Technology Support Technician – Lois Kockler
  • District Technology Support Technician – Viral Virani

 Jerry Swedberg, Director of Technology

Jerry Swedberg
Director of Technology







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